We are delighted to present the following six pre-conference events, which will take place on Sunday, Nov 16. For submissions to the individual events, please consult the respective websites as soon as available!

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TUIO Hackathon

Organizers: Martin Kaltenbrunner, Florian Echtler

While the original TUIO specification has been implemented for various hardware and software environments, the next TUIO generation does not yet provide many feature complete reference implementations, although its specification has been finalized and partially implemented by community members. This TUIO Hackathon is addressing expert users and developers of hardware and software environments for surface-based tangible user interfaces that are interested in experimenting with the new TUIO framework, with the goal of initiating the development and integration of new TUIO implementations.

Collaboration Meets Interactive Surfaces: Walls, Tables, Tablets, and Phones

Organizers: Craig Anslow, Pedro Campos, Alfredo Ferreira

This workshop proposes to bring together researchers who are interested in improving collaborative experiences through the combination of multiple interaction surfaces with diverse sizes and formats, ranging from large-scale walls, to tables, tablets and phones. The opportunities for innovation exist, but the ITS, CSCW, and HCI communities have not yet thoroughly addressed the problem of bringing effective collaboration activities together using multiple interactive surfaces, especially in complex work domains. Of particular interest is the potential synergy that one can obtain by effectively combining different-sized surfaces.

ITS2014 Workshop: Collaboration Meets Interactive Surfaces: Walls, Tables, Tablets, and Phones

Tactile/Haptic User Interfaces for Tabletops and Tablets

Organizers: Limin Zeng, Gerhard Weber

Tactile/haptic user interfaces have been becoming one of the important approaches to improve user experiences on various tabletops and tablets. This workshop proposes to bring researchers who are working or interested in the field together, and share their research experiences. In addition to tactile displays and tablets, the workshop focuses on haptic tangible user interfaces, fusion of visual and tactile/haptic feedback, and accessibility studies via tactile/haptic user interfaces. Through this workshop we plan to establish a working group for possible collaboration.

Hot Topics in Personal Fabrication Research

Organizers: Stefanie Mueller, Alexandra Ion, Patrick Baudisch

In this tutorial, we survey novel ways for interacting with personal fabrication machines, such as laser cutters, milling machines, and 3D printers. The goal is to provide attendees with an overview of recent HCI research in personal fabrication and together with attendees build a roadmap for future research directions. Towards this goal, the tutorial will provide background knowledge in how personal fabrication machines work, which types of objects they can fabricate, and how they are currently being operated.

Tutorial & Workshop
Cancelled Theories and Applications of Social Science for Interactive Surfaces

Organizers: Stacey D. Scott, Victor Cheung, Jo Vermeulen, Nicolai Marquardt

In this combined tutorial and workshop, we will review and discuss social science theories relevant to the de-sign of interactive surfaces. The tutorial will cover both the underlying theories related to small group behaviour and human use of space, and discuss challenges of and strategies for applying and adapting these social theories to interaction and interface design for interactive surfaces. Tutorial concepts will focus on, but not be limited to, social theories about human communication and coordination, proxemics, personal space, and territoriality. The workshop component of this event will bring together researchers currently using, and/or struggling to use social theories in their interactive surface designs. The workshop will aim to facilitate knowledge exchange on the inherent challenges of applying social theories to build systems, and to establish a community of practice to help develop effective strategies for successfully applying social theories to the design of interactive surfaces.

Cancelled TUIOFX - A Toolkit for Developing Applications for Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces with JavaFX

Organizers: Mirko Fetter, David Bimamisa, Tom Gross

TUIOFX is a novel toolkit for developing multi-touch, multi-user applications for interactive tabletops and surfaces with JavaFX. In this Studio the developers behind TUIOFX introduce the toolkit by showing how to build TUIO-enabled rich visual interfaces. The Studio aims to provide programmers with some Java experience a head start in developing state-of-the-art JavaFX applications that leverage on multi-user, multi-touch capabilities for the cross-platform deployment on interactive tabletops and surfaces.

Tutorials, Workshops and Studios Co-Chairs

Kentaro Fukuchi, Meiji University
Nicolai Marquardt, University College London

✉ tutorials@its2014.org | ✉ workshops@its2014.org | ✉ studios@its2014.org