ITS is where Interactive Touch and Surface Industry and Academia Come Together

There are several ways for academia and industry leaders to participate:

1 Submit a Paper

Whether you are a researcher, or an industry leader, you can submit a paper that has value due to its application to the real world. We invite you to submit to the Application track to share outcomes, next best alternatives, value hypotheses, and application evolution. 10 page papers and 4 page notes can be submitted to Precision Conference and will undergo peer review by other applied and industry researchers. The paper will appear in the proceedings and will be archived in the ACM Digital Library. More information can be found here. If this is the first time you are submitting to ITS, we can connect you to a seasoned researcher to mentor you through the publishing process. Please send an email to

2 Setup a Demo

Need more time? Want to make a lasting impression? We'll also have a demo evening, where you will be given a booth to showcase your work. Demos are a great way to show your work in an interactive fashion, and let people experience the technology by themselves. Demos are also a great venue to engage with collaborators, clients, or simply to receive feedback. You will also be provided an opportunity to showcase your products to everyone through a minute madness. More information can be found in the Call for Demos.

3 Prepare a Tutorial/Lab or Workshop

Many people come to ITS to learn, you might want to share your technology and knowledge. The tutorial/lab section of the conference is focused on instructing the attendees on new techniques, tools and languages related to interactive tabletop and surfaces. This includes your latest API release or tool, your newest hardware or the latest software service. Tutorials can be anything from 1h to a full day, and we encourage interactive, hands-on content. We can arrange computer, multi-touch table, and mobile-device labs for you if you let us know with time! Take a look at Tutorials and Workshops, and drop us a line at as soon as possible!

4 Hire the Smartest and Brightest

Researchers, doctoral candidates, and industry leaders meet at the Interactive Tabletop and Surfaces conference every year. If you are in the lookout for creative, innovative individuals, this is the place to be. A job board will be provided to allow you to post openings. If you are interested in recruiting at the conference, drop us a line - and we will accommodate you.

5 Become a Sponsor

We are soliciting support for ITS 2014 conference to permit a greater number of students to attend ITS at reduced fees. Supporting the event is an ideal way to demonstrate your organization's interest in and commitment to the field and to publicize this support to many leaders and students in the field. For more information on the sponsoring, please contact the chairs at

6 Be Part of ITS 2014

The conference will take place in the beautiful Baroque city of Dresden (Germany) November 16th-19th, 2014. We will be looking forward to meeting you there! Sign up to attend at and keep track of the latest news at and

To engage with the most active research and development community on interactive surfaces, visit or email us your ideas and suggestions directly to