Dresden is located in the east of Germany and can be easily reached via all German air hubs (Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin). Flights from these hubs to Dresden International Airport typically take approximatly 1h.

Alternatively, the good German train network can be used to get from a hub to Dresden. Dresden Central Station (Dresden Hauptbahnhof) is situated in short walking distance from most central attractions. It is very well connected with the local bus and tram network and can be reached very quickly from nearly everywhere. Regular trains leave the main train station for the rest of Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich) and to Prague, Budapest and Wroclaw.

Arriving in Germany

If you choose to fly directly to Dresden, you will arrive at Dresden International Airport. Please take a look below at Arriving at Dresden Airport to get to know how to proceed.


Berlin has two airports: Tegel and Schönefeld. It's recommended to continue by train. The fastest connection to "Dresden Hauptbahnhof" is from "Berlin-Schönefeld Flughafen" to "Berlin Südkreuz" via RB (regional train) and with the IC (intercity) to Dresden.
From "Flughafen Tegel, Berlin" you take the special airport bus "Bus TXL" to "Hauptbahnhof Berlin" (main station Berlin) and take the same IC to "Dresden Hauptbahnhof" like all Schönefeld passengers. The tickets can be bought online and cost around 40 € with an estimated travel time of ca. 3h. Please take a look below at Arriving at Dresden Hauptbahnhof to get to know how to proceed.


If you arrive in Munichs MUC, it's recommended to take a direct flight to Dresden. It costs from around 100 € to 300 €, but takes only one hour! The train connection in comparison needs seven hours for approximately 100 €. There is no direct train connection, so see bahn.de for detailed information. Please take a look below at Arriving at Dresden Airport to get to know how to proceed.


From Frankfurt (am Main) you can take a direct flight to Dresden, which costs approx. 200 € and takes one hour. Please take a look below at Arriving at Dresden Airport to get to know how to proceed from there. A corresponding train connection is available for around 100 €, but needs ca. six hours. Often the direct connection with the ICE (intercity express) is the most comfortable choice. Please take a look below at Arriving at Dresden Hauptbahnhof about how to proceed.


It's recommended to travel by train from Leipzig to Dresden (~30 €). The IC (intercity) starts directly from the airport and ends at Dresden Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), in approx. 1.5 h. Please take a look below at Arriving at Dresden Hauptbahnhof about how to proceed.

Arriving in Dresden

International guests will most likely either take a direct flight to the Dresden Airport or arrive via train at the Central Station (Dresden Hauptbahnhof) or Station Dresden-Neustadt.

Arriving at Dresden Airport

All arriving travelers will arrive at the ground floor of the Dresden Airport. After you got your baggage, you can either take a taxi or you go by train.

To get a taxi to the City Centre (~20 €, ~15 min) simply leave through the main exit.

TIP: The Hilton Dresden Hotel offers a special Shuttle Service for all those who stay at the Hilton Hotel (up to 4 passengers: 65 €, up to 8 passengers: 75 €). Please get in touch with the Local Arrangements Chairs for booking the Hilton Shuttle Service.

To go by train, follow the stairs down to the underground Dresden Airport Station. Tickets (2,20 €) can be obtained at the ticket machine at the station and from the airport information desk on the Arrivals level in the terminal. Take the "S2" direction "Heidenau" to "Dresden Hauptbahnhof" (Central Station).

TIP: A window seat on the left side of the train in the direction of travel ensures a glance on the historic skyline while crossing the Elbe.

Arriving at Dresden Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

You can leave the Central Station in three directions. Two of them lead you to a tram station. Either leave through the main entrance and take the tram line 3 in the direction "Wilder Mann" or leave through the side and take the tram line 7 in the direction "Weixdorf". After a short trip (four stations) leave at the tram station "Synagoge".

Arriving at Station Dresden-Neustadt

Leave the Station "Dresden-Neustadt" and take the tram line 3 in the direction "Coschütz". After a short trip (three stations) leave at the tram station "Synagoge".

From the Tram Station to the Conference Venue

The Conference Venue (Hilton Dresden Hotel) is situated in the heart of the historic old town of Dresden within walking distance (approx. 500m) from the tram station "Synagoge". After leaving the tram walk along "Akademiestraße", "Tschirnerplatz" and "Salzgasse" towards the "Church of Our Lady" ("Frauenkirche"). Take a look at the map below for the recommended route.

To Dresden by Car

To ensure a quick and stressless travel we collected a quick overview over the most likely directions and autobahn (highway) exits.


Across the A4/A14: Take exit No. 78 "Dresden Altstadt" (historic center) towards Dresden city center. Follow the B6 (approximately 4km) to the Semper Opera House along the river Elbe - if you cross it, then you drove to far. Finally follow the signs for the Hilton Dresden or see the map for detailed route information.


Across A13: Take exit No. 81 "Dresden Hellerau" and follow the B170/E55 towards city center. At the "Goldener Reiter" (Golden Horseman) turn right and cross the river Elbe over the "Augustus Brücke". Take the first turn right and follow the street towards the Elbe. Then again right and the next turn again. Now you're inside the historic center. Now you just need to follow the signs for the Hilton Dresden. Take a look at the map to see the route from above.


Across E55: Take the B170/E55 towards the city center. At the third set of traffic lights (just before the bridge) turn right towards the river Elbe and follow the signs for the Hilton Dresden.

expected travel time:

Local Public Transport

There are some opportunities to explore Dresden. A highly connected network of trains, trams and busses form an excellent infrastructure. A short travel time is guarnteed if you look up your desired connection at dvb.de. A single trip for a price of ca. 3€ gives you access to the whole inner city public transportation for two hours. If you are interested in special offers like the 4-trip card (4x single trip, but cheaper), group tickets, short trips or one-day tickets take a look at the detailed overview over ticket prices.

TIP: Note that sometimes tickets for the local public transport are included in other tickets, e.g. ICE-tickets, or if you just bought a ticket at the airport.

If you want to go by taxi you can order one, either online (available in German only) or via phone (211 211). The fares are charged according to the covered distance. One average trip from the main station to the hilton hotel costs less than 10 €. The same destination from the International Airport Dresden costs approximately 20€.