Dresden is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. Millions of visitors come to Dresden every year to admire its many attractions. Dresden boasts a unique collection of historic buildings, great history and art treasures and fascinates with its own distinctive character. The city owes its description as 'Florence on the Elbe' to the combination of the riches to be found in its art collections and the Italian influence on its architecture built under Augustus the Strong.

The metropolis on the Elbe is the economic and scientific center of the Free State of Saxony and home to numerous renowned research institutes and universities. Nowhere else in Germany can so many scientists and research institutions be found in such a small area.

Headed by Technische Universität Dresden and the University of Applied Sciences, local university research is in excellent shape. Technische Universität Dresden is eastern Germany's only 'University of Excellence'. There are more than 36,000 students and 8,100 members of staff. The quality of research and student life is what makes TU Dresden an attractive destination for students and scientists from all over the world.

Conference Dates
Early bird registration deadline: Sept. 30, 2014
Main Conference: Nov. 17-19, 2014
Workshops & Tutorials: Nov. 16, 2014
Doctoral Symposium: Nov. 16, 2014
Poster and Demo Session: Nov. 17, 2014

How to get to Dresden

Dresden is located in the east of Germany and can be easily reached via all German air hubs (Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin). Flights from these hubs to Dresden International Airport typically take approx. 1h.

Alternatively, the good German train network can be used to get from a hub to Dresden. Dresden Central Station (Dresden Hauptbahnhof) is situated in short walking distance from most central attractions. It is very well connected with the local bus and tram network and can be reached very quickly from nearly everywhere. Regular trains leave the main train station for the rest of Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich) and to Prague, Budapest and Wroclaw.

Further information about how to get to Dresden can be found here.